Friday, December 22, 2017

Second Grade Classroom Connections with Shadow Puppets

In November, Second Graders studied fairy tales as part of their classroom curriculum. I thought it would be fun to connect their fairy tale knowledge with some shadow puppetry! I chose to focus on the story of The Three Little Pigs. We talked about characters and settings and made a list of all of the important parts of the story. Then, students chose a character or part of the setting to make into a shadow puppet.

Stay tuned: after vacation we'll be putting on a shadow puppet play! I'll include the link here.

Little Pig Shadow Puppet

Straw House

Some essential questions that students are answering through shadow puppetry include:
What is a shadow, and what do you need to make a shadow?
What are the parts of a shadow puppet and what are the purposes of the parts?

Shadow Puppet Parts
Shadow puppets: their parts and purposes

Big Bad Wolf

We also incorporated some scientific/artistic vocabulary and are adding parts to our opaque puppets that are translucent or transparent.
Brick House with Translucent Window
This happy piggie just makes me smile!

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