Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fourth Grade Underwater Collages

Fourth graders recently finished creating underwater collages. We began by making a background and painted papers using a variety of watercolor techniques. Kosher salt application made for excellent effects!

After making the backgrounds students drew, cut, and glued a variety of underwater sea life. They were encouraged to show contrast in their color choices. They were also encouraged to overlap and change the size of their objects to add the illusion of distance in their collage.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Third Grade Self-Portraits

 Third Graders recently finished their amazing self-portraits. They've been working incredibly hard on these since before the holiday break. We began by drawing, learning about how to make accurate proportions. Next we had a great time mixing paint to create skin tone colors. I showed students how to begin with orange or brown. From there, they were encouraged to experiment by creating a lighter tint or a darker shade to match their skin color. Students learned that every skin color is unique, just like they are! Just look at the range of beautiful skin colors they mixed!

skin tones!